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To The Victor Goes the Spoils And Poop Rolls Down Hill.

That’s pretty much how most Presidents treat their political appointments.  They are the spoils of war and are passed downhill to willing toadies and supporters as thanks for a job well down or not publishing photos or making sure certain ballots end up in a lake while others end up delivered on time with no overt evidence of tampering. 

It’s an age old tradition dating back to kings, shaws, and emperors when making your favorite cousin Earl of Conqueredlandsingdale or giving your best mistress a “get out of the gallows free” card was expected.  And you know… I’m somewhat ok with that.  Keeping your appointments of unqualified toadies to unremarkable and unimportant posts has long been one of the attributes that has separated the good kings/leaders/elected officials from the bad.  Making a political flunky ambassador (in name only) to Waythehelloverthereistan or Outer Bumfudgeolia where they can do little damage to anything other that willing lads’/ladies’ virtues or bar tabs is, sadly, the only way to motivate some people. 

However, when you start doling out posts of high order positions to UNQUALIFIED cronies, you cross the line into BAD KING land.  When they are interior posts, you run the risk of ruining the internal workings of the country (Czars anyone?).  When they are exterior posts, such as diplomatic posts, you guarantee that the country will be looked at as weak and foolish.  And while both can be salvaged by later administrations, the chaos caused by foolish interior appointments pales in comparison to the damage done by foolish exterior ones. 

The foolish interior ministers lead to hunger, lost jobs, and economic disaster while the foolish exterior ones lead to death.  Deaths of allies.  Deaths of innocent people.  Deaths of Servicemen and Servicewomen.  …All thrown into a meat grinder when the US looks weak and indecisive.  When we come off as buffoons abroad, tyrants move their pieces on the board with much bolder ease.  When we show stupidity at every turn, no matter how well intentioned it is, we WILL put more lives at risk by encouraging evil with our weakness. 

With that prologue, we now move to this.   When your Secretary of State starts putting on her rendition of “The View” for foreign consumption, what message does that send to tyrants about the will of the United States? 

The foolish exterior ministers who give the tacit green light for despots and potentates to start acting like, well, despots and potentates never have to face the grim reality of the blood they’ve allowed to be spilled.  Not in this life anyway.  Sadly, that spit storm rolls right on downhill to the little people while the idiot policy makers sip cocktails in high rise hotels and plot their next photo op.

Thank You China

So in looking for toy guns to populate the holsters of our BSG inspired BDU’s* (And yes, I’m cool with patterning** a man’s costume off a female SciFi character.  Hell, she could kick my ass so I’m all over it!)…

Anyway… In looking for toy guns, since the great state of Texas doesn’t feel obliged to allow us to openly tote and because after about an hour at the party I probably wouldn’t be legal toting anywhere but perhaps a war zone, I went to just about every place I could to find to seek out cheap realistic guns.  Not crappy orange glandular space gun looking nerf chuckers.  You know what I found?  Nothing.  NOTHING!  Not even the once ubiquitous snubby that uses the ring caps.  You know that one that your mom wouldn’t get you when you were a kid that is probably responsible for your obsession with guns now???

Anyway… So I find nothing at any of the big box or little box retailers.  Nothing.  In a last-ditch effort to prevent me spending $$$ on talking myself into an Airsoft replica that I can use to get more “trigger time” in practice, I go to several dollar stores.  I find little until I end up at a mega non franchise dollar store.  And there they are.  The snubby and other friends of the ring cap persuasion.  And what’s best is that they only have that stupid red tip that a bit of  paint will take care of. 

So thank you China for you cheap knock offs that will keep our children playing with “war toys” until the Politbureau’s Safety Nazis get arround to seeing the horror of these real looking guns.  Since I bet none of them would be caught dead in a dollar store so far away from the comforts of their elitist strongholds, it may be some time before these fun toys are sent back across the Pacific.

*BTW, the fake tat for the Mrs. who is going as Starbuck is looking HOT!
** And YES, I know how to sew!  A man should know how to sew, clean, do laundry, cook, appreciate a good knuckle ball, pick a good knife, select a proper camp site, start a fire, and end a fight.  I see nothing incongruous in these things. 

I Aten’t Dead*

…I just, kinda sorta, wish I was.  …a little bit. 

It’s been a long hard several days.  Work has me stressed and alerting people that, “I’m 2 seconds of your stupid away from being on the news.”

I’m due for a vacation in 69 hours, 45 minutes, and 17 seconds (one that has been canceled TWICE by work!).  A vacation that will begin with finishing up some stitching on the Halloween costumes (BSG BDU’s), proceed into episodes of Dollhouse and Sanctuary, and rounding out Friday by falling asleep to either Redliners or Greywalker (both of which I’m trapped in the middle of with no time to read!).  Saturday will be waking up with same, light chores about the casa, Margarita Brunch, Darts at the bar, then off to a party dressed in costume to see how much beer a Colonial Officer can consume before being put in the brig.  

After that, nothing but books, sleep, and fresh air has been planned. 

There may be survivors after all. 

*with apologies to Granny Weatherwax

Lovely Spaaaaam. Wonderful Spaaaaam.

Ok… does this stuff ever really work?  Does anyone ever let these posts go up under comments unchecked?

“Just found your site.  Have bookmarked it!” –From: Little Asian Girls who want to <censored> <censored> <censored> your <censored> <censored><censored> are waiting for you! 

“Good points! I like the way you write.  Will read you more.”-From: Cure My Sweaty Palms.

“GREAT SITE!  KEEP IT UP!”—From: Get Cheap Viagra.

I have to at least give the last one props for irony. 

Has ANYONE ever let this on their site?  I mean, srsly?

Of Total Rat Bastards And Emergency Funds. …And Other Randomations

I’m just now getting back to the entry I had worked on Sunday that my Treo decided to nomnom and turn into digital confetti.  So if you will permit… Imagine the wavy lines and blurring screen…

Imagine the audio getting softer…

Fade to Sunday…

I’m sitting here in my car tapping away on my Treo’s thumb pad trying to get my thoughts in order.  It’s not often I get moved to action that involves dipping into our emergency fund.  You see, I was out of work for a number of months several years ago and that left an indelible mark on me.  Not one that has been always helpful.  I hate to spend money and I loath the thought of my bank account dwindling.  …Which is why the house hunting is taking so much out of me.  My wife is going to have to get the cashier’s check for the down payment and never let me see it or we are never going to close on a house.

So after a full morning and a ton of driving this afternoon, the darling Mrs. has popped into her Comic book shop and left me to ruminate on the day.  I guess I should start at the beginning.

My alarm went off and somewhere between that and end of the Entrance Hymn to Mass I woke up.  Fortunately, I slept-walked through a successful breakfast prep (including getting coffee to the Mrs.), breakfast, shower, and enrobing (complete with deodorant) without slipping or chopping something off.  We are now in the 10th or 15th verse of the Hymn but I know it’s the last one because the organist has switched to the “Rain down holy hell from the pipes” setting. 

Mass continues.  I have a few choked up moments as I remember my mother being given her final mass there before going to grave site.  It’s hard at times, but, “time heals,” so they say.  Waiting for that.

Anyway.  Mass is near its end (or officially over for those who leave right after Communion as if God was a fast food restaurant.  McDeity’s? Salvation in the Box?.) and Fr. Wayne, before dismissing the crowd with the traditional, “The Mass has ended; go in peace.”  To which all too many make the response, “Tanks be to God,” sound like, “Finally!”  Before that dismissal, he gives some final announcements. 

Announcement one was for prayers and remembrance of Hurricane Ike that was a year ago.  He thanked the parish for turning out and helping him and others in need with seemingly inconsequential things like ice that are a God send in a power outage.  He thanked the parish for showing up the day after we poked our heads out of the foxholes. There was no power and, therefore, no A/C.  But people still came and still dressed like civilized human beings.  Some still in suits. 

More memories of my mom flood back into me.  My sister had power and we all stayed with her those weeks.  It was the last time I spent any real time with my mom.  If I’d have known… More choking back the tears.

I was not a member of the parish at that point.  But for all Church buildings not designed back in the good old days Pre-Vatican II when Blueprints didn’t come with default A/C ducting and people didn’t destroy sacred spaces for sport, the experience is much the same in a power outage.  In the old churches you just open the windows and fan yourself hoping that nature and thermal air flow will do something.  In new churches, the only way to open a window is with a special key (A.K.A. a brink) so you sit and stew in your own juices and that of everyone else.

Now let me explain something about Fr. Wayne.  He came to this parish and took it from firmly in the red to nicely in the black.  This is NOT an affluent parish.  You can’t just twist a few arms and get a new jumbo-tron for the nose bleed section like some mega-churches.  What he’s done for the parish is just simple accounting mixed with saying, “No, we can’t afford that yet,” when it’s needed.  Not someone who you are likely to find in D.C. at the moment. 

Aside from his not insignificant financial acumen, he has the gift of helping people allow the spirit to direct their hearts. …and their wallets.  All without fire and brimstone threats of a 900 foot Jesus.  He simply lays out the facts and asks that you do what you can.  There is never any pressure. 

So it’s probably no coincidence that that announcement preceded this one.  Fr. Wayne said that members of his old parish were outside selling raffle tickets.  They are a small parish that barely collects $2000 a week.  Now I would be S**tting in high cotton if I made two grand a week.  But imagine running a whole parish, maintaining its property, serving its needy, and somewhere in all that, paying its employees and feeding the priest.  But that’s not where it all ends. 

It seems last night, some Total Rat Bastards backed up a pickup truck and took both AC units from the church.  NICE!  Fr. Wayne asks us to not pass the raffle table by and to please leave a dollar or by a ticket if we can. 

I kid you not, I was actually about to have a mental meltdown when I heard this.  I looked over to my wife who was having a tear-in-eye moment.  HOW DARE SOMEONE!  TO A CHURCH!  FILTHY SONS-A-… 

“Ok Dante… this is getting you nowhere.  What can YOU do to help?”


“Yes.  YOU!  You want to complain about people, but what can YOU do to make it better?”


“Don’t you, ‘UM,’ Me, you!  What are you going to do?  Not, “what should…,” or, “what can…,”;  “WHAT ARE…!”

I hate my internal dialogue.

So my Wife and I hunker down to say our final pray after mass.  After, I look at her and say, “How much?”

“Whatever you say, you’re the head of the house.”  How she said that without a trace of iron or sarcasm, I have no idea.

I quoted a number and she didn’t blanch.  She simply said, “We won’t miss it. Not in the long run. Heck, you can drop that on Ammo without even trying.” 

She wrote the check and handed it over at the table.  We bought one book of tickets as well.  Beside us was a little old lady.  And when I say old, she’s probably the type that tips a waitress a quarter and thinks that’s a substantial amount.  And for her on a fixed income, it’s probably just as substantial as it was back in the day.  She is plunking down small change for a $2 ticket.  With shaky hands and unsure steps she tries to fill out the stub.  My wife steps into fill it out for her.  The “Widow’s Mite” moves me again.  I’m giving out of my largess; she’s giving out of her heart. 

Now I say all of this, not to sound like some kind of Saint.  Believe me, I’m as far from that as the east is from the west.  I write this for a few reasons.  One, pray for the TRB’s that took the A/C units.  They will need it.  Maybe if enough weight is piled on their conscience, they will stop stealing and get an honest living. 

Two, pray for the Church. It will need some help funding the A/C units.

Three, if you are so moved, make a donation.  I would suggest calling fist to see what they want on the checks:
Our Lady of Perpetual Help
310 McKinney
Sweeny, TX  77480-2899  
Phone: (979) 548-2020

Four, if you live in the area, pop on over to their Bazaar.  It’s at a different address:
Sunday, October 5, 2008
at the Knights of Columbus Hall
2 miles North of Brazoria on Highway 36

Five, please say a prayer that the elderly lady wins the raffle.  I’m sure she could use some new furniture or other gift checks that are the prizes.

Six, if you get some unexpected time with a loved one, use it like you will never see them again.  You may not.

Finally, I wish to tout the concept of an Emergency fund.  You can find out more about it from people like Dave Ramsey or Philip Lenahan.  But the concept is simple.  If you scrimp and save up some cash (about a grand) and don’t touch it…  It’s for emergencies.  Not a new Xbox or mattress.  Emergencies!  You need out of jail.  You need a new muffler.  Your AC needs repair and is August-Hot outside.  …and it’s not already in the budget.  That’s what this money is for. 

If that money wasn’t in the bank, I would never have been able to just drop a case of .223 worth for the effort.  And yes… I consider needs like that an emergency.  I really do.  At least I’m able too because I have that fund as well and a “rainy day fund” (also found at those sites)

Anyway… if you save that money up and put it aside, then you are able to poke Murphy in the eye should he try to pee in your helmet.  It keeps you from going into credit card debt for every damn little thing that comes along.   And since you have no revolving debt, you can make up the money you just spent on the emergency with some judicious budgeting.

I think I touched on everything.  Now I’m going to go see what’s taking the Mrs. so long. 


Screen starts to shimmer and lose focus.

Sounds begins to get muffled

Fade to present.

Well… there you have it.  Best I could do to reconstruct the post from wetware backups.  I hope it moves you to some act of kindness for others or yourself (hit those financial websites and call Mom and Dad).

Random Zombie Thoughts

When being attacked by Zombies (or any paranormal creature that aims to molest you) and you have an unbreakable “safe room” that you can close the door to and fire at said creatures through the equivalent of murder holes with total impunity until they are dead… why don’t you use it?  This is not graduate level military doctrine here.  This is simple life skills.

If you are in the middle of a horde of undead being stomped to within an inch of death, it’s NOT the time to remember that you have a bomb, that when flung far away from you, will cause most of  the zombies to break off their attack on you, follow the bomb, and go to be blow to tiny bits “… in your mercy.”   No… the time to remember that is BEFORE you become incapacitated by the horde and are on the ground being stomped within an inch of death.

Looked At Houses Today… Zombies Must Die.

Ugh… Why does this have to be so hard?  Should be that if you like a place and agree on the price… Robert’s your father’s brother… you own a home.  NOOOOOOOOO!  Whoever came up with the way this is done was a sadistic bastard who figured, “buying a car isn’t near traumatic enough!  I need to make something more disgusting and soul wrenching.”

Would keeping the $$$$ in the bank and saying “Ef-it” to a house be such a bad thing? 

Anyway, I’m about to take some anger out on some zombies now.  I’m sorry that the undead must suffer for my pleasure and peace of mind.  OK… no I’m not.

Pants Free Zone!

8PM Central Time.  Be there.  Breda has Details.  Clothing Optional.  Except for whoever is on the Webcam.  Clothes not optional for them*.


*this is not a comment on the physical appearance of the hosts (especially NOT Breda), but we must maintain SOME decorum after all.

Forecast Calls Only Partly Bloggy Skies.

Sorry for the lack of bloggosity.  I just got a new (to me) phone and I’m trying to convert my life to it.  Add to that I’m for realz in the house hunting market ATM and I just haven’t got much time for anything else. 

Last week the Mrs. and I logged 1 (one, uno) hour of TV and almost no computer time; aside from work and HAR.  This week will only be worse.   I’ll try to post some soon. 

The good news is, while I may never pay T-mobile for the interwebs on my Palm Treo, I will have some WP friendly blog apps that will let me blog offline and upload on the nightly sync.   

Keep us in your prayers.  Hoping to find something in Katy or maybe Sugar Land.  Fingers Crossed.

Worth The Read

Start here… then go here

draw your own conclusions.


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