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Wait… What???

Starting to see this pop up on Facebook and wondering where this meme is from.  Can’t point to any one post because the ones I’ve seen are all private and un-viewable by the friendless.  However the “logic” goes something like this:

“Because Sarah Palin put herself at the center of the AZ controversy, she now can’t be president since she showed such lack of class by making it all about Sarah.”

Sooo… let me get this straight.  The Media attacks her and tries to pin the whole thing on her.  She responds, batting them away like the ineffectual morons they are and SHE’S to blame for being made the center of the tragedy.  Let me see if I can apply that logic in other areas.  I’m a woman at a party and a man tries to rip my top off and expose my breast-a-ses.  The party stops and all eyes are on us.  I slap the bastard, kick him in the nuts, and call the police.   That makes the fact that the party was derailed my fault because I should have just let him expose me to the masses and left it alone so the party could continue.  Riiiiiight.  I guess that’s how some leftists sing themselves to sleep at night. 

I hope this is an aberration and not some new meme that the Lamestream media is floating. 

FTC Disclaimer: I’m not a Palin supporter.  I’ve repeatedly said I don’t think she’s electable.  But hell’s bells folks, pick a new whipping bo… I mean girl.  You’re starting to sound obsessed and… well… a little simple.

MidwayUSA Doesn’t Suck

A class outfit that doesn’t have its head up its backside.  Order placed at OH Dark:30 Thursday morning in a fit of insomnia, order shipped early thursday, then found its way to my door Monday.  No lingering in the warehouse for days because I refused to pay an “expediting fee.”  There is no expedited shipping, there’s just, “It’s in stock, it’s out the door.”  

Now if I can just get up the courage to shoot these nice new Buffalo Bore 180s in my 3″ S&W.  I’m not going to like this, am I?  Why no, I’m not a recoil junky.  How could you tell?

T! S! A! T! S! A! Cheer On Security Kabuki

A New Hope and a Modest Proposal.

Made it, Ma! Top of the world!

Made it, Ma! Top of the world!

FBI Seal. Photo from Wiki Commons

Um… exactly how am I misrepresenting myself as a Federal Agent?  Maybe I’m going to walk around with this post on my phone and try to pass it off as a Federal Badge.  Honestly, if I could badge myself out of trouble with my Android linking to this pic I’m in the wrong line of work and the people I fool should be spayed and neutered. 

You can’t stop the signal .gov.

If you need examples of other seals, go here, here, here, and here.

H/T to Tam

A Rupture In The Blog-Time Continuum

Have to deal with work insantity.  Expect cross posts from other blogs while I save the universe; one client at a time.


Get your red hot awesome sauce here!

This should be fun.  I wonder if they will talk about Top Douchebag Shot.  Some feelings may run a bit deep.

Feeling A Wee BYTE Hateful.

So I wake up to an email from my ISP; you know… those Comcastards?  Anyway, I wake up to their lovely email telling me that I can now monitor my own usage so I don’t go over their very generous 250GB total bandwidth usage. 

I’d managed to put the BW Cap out of my mind for a long time.  But they have to go and remind me and force it under my nose by making me check it every month now.  So you digital idiots, here’s what I think about your Cap.  It, and you by extension, suck. 

You have all these commercials touting life on the internet as some sort of limitless experience with ever faster download speeds, yet, HOLD ON THERE BUCKAROO, it’s really not limitless we have to cap it.  Then you charge me exorbitant pricing because you are the only game in town and you don’t actually use that to upgrade your infrastructure.  No, you piss it away on stupid commercials and lame internet sniffer squads that scour the web looking for any adverse comments about you. 

Instead of flashy commercials with Shaq and Ben, internet thought police, and bandwidth limits, why don’t you spend some real cash on your infrastructure so my inet doesn’t go down every 5 minutes like a $10 whore when the fleet’s in.  How about updating some of that architecture and equipment?  Why not spend a little time on designing DVR’s that actually work? 

Oh, and lest we forget, this internet company has THE WORST online payment experience of ANY place I’ve ever been.  …And I pay my city water bill online.  That site was put up by a government contractor.  IT SUCKS!  Yet I’m able to pay my bill on the City’s site in about 30 seconds. 

But can I do anything about any of this?  No.  You are the only game in town.  I can’t get fast enough DSL in my area and you know that.  So you don’t care.  So I’m stuck with you for internet.  But not much longer on the others. I’m dumping your useless digital phone and probably switching to Dish/Satellite as well.  I know that does nothing for the BW Cap, but it will make me feel better that I’m not paying you as much per month.

Open Source. Hardly The Downfall Of The West.

I’m convinced I went to bed sometime in 1991, woke up in bizarre-o land, and never quite managed to get out of it.  And stories like this don’t help.

 How the hell is Open Source software a menace to all mankind? 

I don’t get it?  I use open source software everyday.  If I had a business, I’d find an open source solution at every turn I could. If I ran a government agency, I’d be trying to spend as little of the taxpayer’s money as possible and OSS is a pretty good place to start.  And let’s not forget the INSANE predatory pricing that certain software companies inflict on poorer nations at the threat of hauling them into court. 

While, yes, some OSS is started by those who naively want to keep the internet pure of that nasty money thing, I don’t think they will start hoisting digital pitchforks and shutting down traffic in online towns and villages.  I know I haven’t seen one of them while playing L4D online.  Oh wait, maybe I have… it’s a game about zombies.  Bad example.

Anyway… For some people (like me) OSS is a way to save money, it’s not a political statement.  It’s a way to have reasonable operability on my home computers and not paying ridiculous business oriented pricing or break the law by using pirated software.  

Let’s change the battle field of this argument for a moment.  Let’s say we have two bars.  Both have a Happy Hour from 3 to 6 (why is Happy Hour always more than one hour??).  One serves a loss leader of free chips and salsa and the other serves kettle corn.  Well one day a third bar opens up and serves a loss leader of a full free buffet.  You don’t have to buy anything, the owner just likes the way he cooks and is willing to take a hit.  His business model is so bad that he probably will be out of business by next week.

But a funny thing happens.  Mr. Buffet gets so many people coming in that really love his food and they don’t want it to stop so they buy his beer.  Some even donate.  Some supply the food to be cooked.  Finally others offer him jobs on the side to cook for them for large events.  His food takes off and now Mr. Buffet makes tons of cash.  So, instead of having a loss leader item, he has a loss leader BUSINESS.  The other two bars can whinge about it all they want and petition for laws and such and call it predatory pricing.  But getting laws passed is not the same as the truth being upheld.  For some, that is OSS.  And that, my friends, is good capitalism. 

For others, OSS is a passion (the above scenario and this one are NOT mutually exclusive).  For you who don’t understand, a real programmer is an artist.  They will program just as a painter will paint.  You can’t stop them.  Little apps that show up on the Google Market or The App Store for free are a programmer’s doodles, as it were.  Of course, some of these works may even be a grand labor of love between two or more programmers.  Governments and companies that seek to destroy OSS are, basically, trying to destroy an art form.  Good luck with that. 

And don’t worry about Microsoft, et al…   they will always make programs that do things that no others can do.  Or make them with an interface or setup that makes those programs accessible to people who don’t want to tweak and troubleshoot.  OSS will not tear down the walls of capitalism; it will just force companies to do business a little smarter.

H/T to Matt

Word Salad In The Lysdexic Blender.

A while ago I wrote a blog entry.  A recent reply to that entry sent me to a very concise link on Dyslexia.   Take a look.   

Please forgive my (mis)use of the non-term “Lysdexic”.  I’m only doing it with comic inetnt intent.

Lovely Spaaaaam. Wonderful Spaaaaam.

Ok… does this stuff ever really work?  Does anyone ever let these posts go up under comments unchecked?

“Just found your site.  Have bookmarked it!” –From: Little Asian Girls who want to <censored> <censored> <censored> your <censored> <censored><censored> are waiting for you! 

“Good points! I like the way you write.  Will read you more.”-From: Cure My Sweaty Palms.

“GREAT SITE!  KEEP IT UP!”—From: Get Cheap Viagra.

I have to at least give the last one props for irony. 

Has ANYONE ever let this on their site?  I mean, srsly?


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