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That’s Done.

With this post, my NamBloPo09 is OVER.  Go in peace. 


I wanted to try it.  Unlike some of the pro bloggers out there, I don’t like to post everyday.  Sometimes, I don’t care.  Sometimes, I’m so incensed that I need a couple of days to cool off before I say something that gets me on a watch list.  Sometimes, actually most times, someone else has already said what I wanted to say and said it better than I could.  

I admit, I phoned in more than a few entries.  But at least it kept me at the keyboard and thinking about the blog.  I guess I really wanted to do this because I took some much time away from the blog when my Mom died.  I just didn’t care.  This was a nice way to force me back into caring.  But, thank you Jesus, it’s done.  

The suggested topic for July was “Heroes”.  If you got stuck, you could use that to kick start an idea for an entry.  To that end, I would like to hold up Tam as one of my bloggy heroes.  She seems to be able to post just about every day and not let it affect the quality of her work.  There are others and you can find many of them on the right hand side of the page (Not all.  I really need to update that stupid list. *sigh*).  I hope someday I can rise to the lever of her (and their) blogiosity.


You are not a gun nut at all if you don’t watch this video and have severe lust for at least one of the specimens in the collection. 

Good lord, could you imagine the uproar if someone donated a large stock of guns to a university these days.  My God!  The lefties would be wetting their erudite collective panties from Brown to Berkley.  I would love to watch massive huggie fudging at my own Alma Mater if some rich ex-student proposed a Weapons Museum.  HAH!  And my point of matriculation isn’t as to-the-left as 90% of the other institutions of higher brain washing.  

Good Shooting Blackfork.  Looking forward to the calendar.

Econ 101. Or… What Congress And Obama Never Took In School.

The Question is the Story.  Is cash for clunkers a good idea? 

Nope.  Besides not seeing anything in The Constitution about The Federal Government’s ability to mandate anything of this nature; it violates the basic principles of economics.  If you have a product that sells for $X price and a market that is willing to pay at or about $X price for that product then you go and add to the pool of money $Y that can ALSO be spent on that product; the price will eventually rise to somewhere between X and X+Y. 

If you are Joe’s Widget Emporium and you know that people will reliably pay $10 for your widget; then you will charge $10.  If they stop paying $10 for that widget, you have to drop the price (or raise it and market it as an “exclusive product”, but that’s advanced econ and marketing) to get people to buy it.  So the price may stabilize at $9.50 or $9.00.

But then let’s say the Government deems the Widget industry too important to have to obey the rules of the free market and they offer a $3 incentive for anyone who will buy a widget.  Well that’s great news for the first people in the door of JWE.  They get their widget for $6!   But then Joe, being a man who knows a thing or two about math figures that his price can now safely go back up to $10 since the people will be paying only $7 in the end, it’s still a good deal for them. 

A few months later, Joe really needing to refurbish his Widget Production Center and increase his employees’ salaries to keep them from going to work for Willy’s Wingdings and Things, realizes that even if he raises his price to $11 dollars, People are still paying $1 less than his lowest price (11 – 3 = 8) and $2 less than his nominal price.   Let’s say he stops there and doesn’t raise the price anymore. 

He’s now charging $11 for something that was once $9.  That’s good. Right?  Well, then there’s the OTHER half of the equation.  Since this increase is artificial due to an infusion of money from a source that is essentially credit that someone will have to pony up for in the end, it may not be such a good thing.  That incentive money is a promise (credit) that the government is going to take money from someplace else (you) and pay off that debt.  That’s what a tax increase is.  It’s YOU paying for the cost of all those programs. 

So the widget started off at $10 and then fell to $9.  When the government got involved it went up to $11, with $3 of that coming from YOU.  When tax time roles around, Uncle Sam will take that $3 (plus a little more to pay the debt service on the loan they took out) out of your paycheck.  If you didn’t by a widget, you just spent $3 on someone else’s fun.  But since EVERYONE has to have a widget, which is why we have to subsidize the industry in the first place, you probably DID buy a widget. What did you pay?  $11 for the widget minus $3 in incentives plus $3 (plus a little extra debt service), which comes out to… $11! (Not counting the extra tax to pay for the debt service)

Let me kill the word problem part of that.  $11 – $3 + $3 = $11.  Simple.

But Dante, I don’t pay that incentive, I’m tax free.  I have enough deductions (or make so little) to keep from paying tax so I can stick it to the man and not feel it.  Every heard that expression about the stuff that rolls down hill? You pay it.  If you don’t pay it in income tax then you pay it in the increased costs to other areas.  None of this happens in a vacuum for your sole benefit.  It’s not only people that buy widgets; it’s companies.  When they have to pay the added cost (from $9 to $11) they pass that on to you.  And companies get taxed as well, when they get the bill for your incentive, you can bet they will pass that right back down the line to you.

So congrats!  In sticking it to the rich, you’ve also stuck it to yourself.  You buy any products that have to use the widget to get to market or in their construction and you just paid the increase.  Maybe you bought the widget at $8 ($11 – $3 incentive), but you just paid the $2 increase in other goods and services (from $9 to $11) that the companies have to pass on to you in order to stay solvent.  $8 +$2 = $10.  So yeah, we that pay taxes are getting stiffed on both cost increase (that extra $2) and the tax increase ($3) to total $13.  But you could have bought the widget for $9 and had to pay $10 when all was said and done.

This is a highly simplified model but you get the idea.  You will pay for that incentive the government promises either in tax or in increased operating costs and, in the end, the price of the widget will be artificially inflated with you footing the bill.   Wouldn’t it be much simpler to just pay the $9 and leave all the government corruption and power grabbing out of this?  Wouldn’t it be better just to pay the lower price rather than the slicked up sale price that has already factored in the increase. 

Not to mention that you are probably aren’t paying cash for this widget.  You are financing it.  You could go down to Widget Max and buy a used widget and for a fraction of the cost.  Sure it may look like poo and have dents, but it still widgets like other widgets and you only pay $3 for that widget.  Even if you finance the $3 widget, that’s a lot less interest, lower payments, and a quicker payoff time. 

So class, is Cash for Clunkers a good thing?

A Few Days Late

I’m just a tidge late in congratulating Larry Correia for MHI and its success.  Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa. 

However, let me be a week early in saying he’ll be on next week’s Gun Nuts Radio show.  So tune in and listen.  Breada and the man that created The Abomination…  Is there a better way to spend a Tuesday night?  Oh yeah, and there’s Caleb too.

Birth Cert Bing-o.

Why is this really in the news still?  Why is The MOTUS’* Ministry of Lies officially trying to debunk the story with a “…pay no attention to the man behind the curtain,” statement. Why are Army Officers not being Court Martialed for failure to report?**

The simple truth is this should all be a non-issue at this point.  But our T-in-C*** has not presented the one thing that would stop this; a REAL Birth Certificate.  Not a Certification of Live Birth, a Birth Certificate (Certificate of Live Birth).  Why cling to Racism and Bigotry as your reason for non-compliance?  Hmm… I guess musicians that hang out together start to play the same tune

B-1: Reaping the Whirlwind

I don’t really believe anything will come of this.  You’ve got to believe that IF he’s not a U.S. Citizen any evidence has long since been lost to history.  There is no way any evidence useful in a court of law will turn up.  And yes, he’s President now so that is exactly what you would need.  Not compelling evidence.  Conclusive evidence.

My major fear is that this should have been over and dealt with 18 months ago when it mattered little to the day to day operation of the nation.  But let’s indulge in a bit of thought wandering.  Let’s say in 6 months someone survives the Gauntlet of Chitown Politics and produces enough evidence to have some legal body rule that TheOne™ is NOT a U.S. Citizen.  I want you to hold that thought in you mind and close your eyes.  Ponder.  I’ll wait.

If you didn’t open your eyes with a start and have to wipe off the cold sweat, you didn’t do it right.  Starting with all the legislations he’s signed.  Does it all get rendered Null and Void?  Does Congress get another bite at the apple on all that?  Does Biden get to go back and retroactively sign it?  Is Biden even VPOTUS since his election was teamed with an ineligible candidate?  Does SanFranNan become the first woman President of the U.S.?

Our Economy is in shambles with Obama and his minions doing all they can to trash it even further.  What happens to the markets when their faith in the suitability of our government is shaken to the core?  What about our creditors?  What happens to all the Financial Institutions?  What about the money that has already been spent on bailouts?  If they are nullified, does it have to be repaid? 

What about the public?  Most of the rational public has long since given up hope that our leaders will ever be more than a bunch of rabble with nice breeding that want to line their pockets with our money.  But what happens when that is confirmed for them?  What happens when the electorate simple gives up?  What happens when their fragile faith is finally ripped apart? 

I-65: Rope-a-dope

So is this a Rope-a-dope?  Is this a nice Ka-pow moment that the DNC has planned at some point in the future when his polls have hit serious lows and they need a straw man to parry other hard hitting opinions against him?  “Look, see, here’s the certificate!  All you mean racist bigoted meanies should be ashamed.  As should all you other people mad at him for crippling the country, shredding the Constitution, and ruining the economy.  You are all cut form the same cloth.  4 MORE YEARS!”

The GOP needs to watch this.  Without any real proof, the leadership needs to keep away from this, which it has done for the most part, and keep all its members from speaking to it.  If nothing else, for the nightmare reasons given above; this country just can’t withstand a blow like that right now.  

N-73: You’re hired.  …Mostly.

The thing that galls me the most is that when I’m hired or even seriously apply for a job, I have to present proof that I’m eligible for the job I seek.  I have to prove I can work here in this country and that my paperwork is in order.  It takes all of two minutes to render up the necessary documents even if I’m applying, as I have in the past, for positions that require a license or hard copies of official State Documentation.  So why can’t that happen for the Highest Office in the Land?  Why is the promise of a transparent government so hazy? 

I can’t accept a job and when it comes time to sign all the paperwork just tell my Head of HR, “Well, I don’t have my Driver’s License, but I have this old student ID and I couldn’t have gotten this Student ID without a Driver’s License so you can just take it and we’ll call it even.”  I can tell you, knowing the head of HR as I do, she would start chewing on one side of my tail and not finish until she had completely removed my posterior and left me needing science to perfect a Full Gluteal Transplant.  And she would be COMPLETELY justified in doing so.  So why is it that when asked for proof of legitimacy for the Office of the President it’s racism? 

Since it seems all the rage, I’m going to try this the next time I’m opening a bank account.  “WHAT!  YOU NEED I.D.!  ARE YOU RACIST!”  I’m sure that will go over really well.  I’ll cite precedent from the President.  Hey, who knows, an entire generation of kids has Bill Clinton to thank for the “fact” that Oral Sex isn’t sex at all.  Maybe the Administration that is trying so hard to make, “Papieren, bitte,” a common phrase in this country will also be the one that makes, “You can’t see my papers you racist pig copper,“ a legitimate defense.

G-100: Role Reversal

On a moronic note, it’s kind of funny to watch the same people who in 2001 were screaming, “Selected, not Elected,” at Bush after the Supreme Court hit the lower renegade courts across the nose with a rolled up Constitution for playing politics with elections, now scream, “You need to move on,” every time this issue of TheOne™’s Birth Certificate is brought up.  What is truly sad is that they are so blinded by politics that they don’t even see the danger that this poses. 

But then again, they don’t care about The Constitution.  They really only care about bringing about a Socialist Utopia National Workers Paradise like we have in… Oh that’s right; they’ve all shut down now.  Haven’t they?  Even China is more National Socialist than Marxist these days.   Europe has even starting to flirt with Tax decreases.  Our only examples of the Collectivist Nirvana they want are Cuba and California.  Those are going along swimmingly, aren’t they?

But that’s ok.  It’s just that we horrible Capitalists keep messing things up.  This time, with the TheOne™ on stage to perform the miracles; he’ll turn back the tide of the natural human desire to achieve and risk just like Moses parted the Red Sea or Fidel made Cuba have the best health care system in the world.  Get your lighters out and give Barry a standing O so he’ll come back for a 4 year encore.  Qualifications be damned.  Never mind he has to use a harmonizer.  Never mind he’s lip syncing.  It’s all about the show.

O-190: From King-of-Pop to Whack-o-jack-o

This is really the lot in life for all Rock Starts.  They start our as the King of their genre with minor stories flying around them about this deficiency or that peccadillo and they end up being bandied about from pillar to post in a snot storm generated by the same media that made them.  Obama should really take heed of that.  He was made by the Pop Culture Vultures in the State Run Media (formerly MSM) and they will break him when they are done.  Don’t believe me? Who’s the head of your Foreign Office Barry?

There is no love lost between our Glorious Leader and me, at least on my part.  He’s the only (and I hope the last) President that I’ve developed a personal loathing for.  But that aside, I love this land more than I hate that man.  If we have proof that he was never POTUS and he goes the way of tabloid buffoonery that other rock stars have, it will devastate the country in ways we cannot imagine.  And that is something I really don’t want to see happen.


There.  5 in a row****.  Can my prize be a trip back to September 16, 1787 to let The Framers know they still have some work to do?  But I guess you can’t idiot proof  The Constitution and we’d find a way to end up here like we are anyway.  *sigh*


*MOTUS = Marist or the United States.
** Yes is does pain me to post a WND link, but I can’t find it anywhere else and it’s a legit story.  It pains me almost as much as posting a CNN link.
*** Thug-in-Chief
**** I’m a bad Catholic.  I had to actually look up the BINGO numbers to make sure I had them next to the right letters.  Didn’t they teach me that in Confirmation classes?  Ok… so I’m an anally retentive bad Catholic.

New Class For All Dem Politicians

Watching the humorous fallout form the “Stupid Police” imporv skit the POTUS did without his TOTUS, I think the Dems have gotten very soft in the area of deflecting the scat from the air impeller on their own.  They’ve had the State Run Media (formerly MSM) flaying CAP for them for too long and have gotten used to flying sorties into flack without fear of ridding a smoking engine into the wilds behind enemy territory.

They must see that too because the DNC is taking a page from the Armed Forces and instituting a class designed to help with extracting downed politicians from trouble.  My contacts in the underground have smuggled out a copy of the course syllabus.

Course Title: Mistake and Evasion

Class Syllabus

Purpose: To Prepare DNC Operatives / Politicians for times when friendly media are unable to aid in cover up.

Objectives:  Class will provide rapid training to raise skill level of participants in the areas of Mistake Redefinition, Message Manipulation without the aid of the Media, Finding other stories to hide in, Self Rescue from hostile interviews, Public Apologies without admitting wrongdoing, and Counter Interrogation Techniques.

Organization:  Class with be organized in formal lecture, role playing, and lab work.

Required materials:  All supplies will be furnished to participants and returned at the end of class for destruction. NO CALCULATORS OR TELEPROMPTERS ALLOWED.

Grading:  Pass/Fail on final exam.  This is a full emersion test of real world situations and skills.  Participants will be graded on use of all skills. You will not be allowed to stop the test once it has begun.  If you break, you will fail, but the test will continue to show the participants the full extent of failure. 

Attendance: Mandatory all five days for all sessions.  Breaks will be given; schedule media interviews around these times.

Conduct:  Conduct becoming a Democrat operative is expected to be curtailed until the end of the class.

Course Schedule and Topics:

Day 1) Mistakes
      What is a mistake and who can make one.
      What mistakes can leave you without cover.
      What wagons are left to circle?
      ROLE PLAY:  The press conference has gone off script.
      LAB:  Identifying your weaknesses: Root of Mistakes.              
Day 2) The rule of 3’s. 
      3 Seconds: You’ve said it/Been filmed/Been Caught!  Now what?
      3 Minutes:  Lies to deflect the lie.
      3 Hours:  Fire up the War Room!
      3 Days:  Nothing says “old news” like a new crisis.
      3 weeks:  Cunning ways to pretend it never happened.
      3 Months:  When is the “Mea Culpa” tour needed?
      ROLE PLAY: Managing the mess.
Day 3) Tough Questions deserve no answer.
      Hiding from media
           LAB: Creation of a crisis.
      Deflecting Questions
           LAB: Finding Flaws in Context.
      Appearing above it all
      Avoiding aloofness.
           ROLE PLAY:  The dangers of “The Rose Garden”
Day 4) On the Carpet.
      Not breaking under interrogation.
      Redefining words.
      Redefining words (con’t)
           LAB: Changing meanings of 2 and 3 letter words.
      Looking for supporters.
      Keep talking and you will break.
      Saying Sorry as a LAST RESORT!
          ROLE PLAY:  Wet eyes, but don’t cry!
Day 5) Final Exam
      1 Hour interview with Fox style unapproved talk show host.

Phone In Sunday Post.

Too many Zombies to kill…

More monday.

Not Feelin’ It: Day 2

Take a bit of fret over DC’s shenanigans,
Mix in a crap-load of work around the house,
Shake well with a depressed Dad,
And you have the recipe for a phoned in blog entry. 

Here’s to hoping Sunday is better.

This Is Right Up My Mood Today.

Those wacky Brits.



Not Feelin’ It Today

Not that I’m depressed.  But it’s Friday and the calls are light, there are Zombies that need killing, an office that needs gutting, under half a day until quitting time, and the enemy is shooting himself in the foot.  I think it’s a good day to phone in the Blog entry, load up the virtual M-16, slay some zombies, shred some paper, shelve some books, and start the weekend off right. 

Cover me Zoey, I’m going in! (Yes, I play Louis)

By the way, I do hope that random weapons, ammo, and med kits will be left in easy to find places after the Zombipocalypse.  It will make life easier.

TTFN.  May post something later.


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