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Today’s Moral Quandary Brought To You By Breda And Lawdog

I ran across this and this on their sites.  Having recently attempted for the umpteenth time to read the first Harry Potter book and having glanced at the first Twilight book, I was stuck by the deep notion that if that crap can get readership, why the hell not try myself.  My book is now in Alpha form and I have a few volunteers to ridicule rip apart make fun of my dyslexia do the heavy lifting and first edits. 

Anyway… I dropped sections of my book into the Analyzer.

Here are the results.

For dialogue only, I rang up as Cory Doctorow.

For dialogue intermixed with action/descriptions, I seem to be running over Steven King.

For some um… how to put this… less than wholesome romance (But PG-13), I scored an H.P. Lovecraft.  Fitting given the scene.

For some demonic rantings, I made James Joyce roll over in his grave. 

For general romantic scenes (and I mean romantic interactions between two people, not Boom Chicka Wow Wow…) I came up so MPD that I can’t being to list the authors. 

But when I went out on a lark and had it analyze the book as a whole, I nearly deleted all my work and gave up my dream of having people enjoy my stories.  DAN FRACKIN’ BROWN!  The same name that came up in my general action sequences.

I’ve never read a Dan Brown novel, mainly because Mr. Brown seems to have a hard on for the Catholic Church so I tend to not give $$$ or time to people who dislike a fundamental part of me.  I don’t know if his stories are well written or not.  I know people find his work interesting, but they find Twilight and Harry Potter spend worthy too.  Would it be morally correct to seek to publish a book that could land me the moniker, “A Catholic Dan Brown?”  *Shiver*

My immortal soul is in danger.  Oh the woes of being a tortured artist. 🙂


Prayers needed. 


From Cranky.

Nothing to add except I hope the lousy asshat(s) that left her with such low self esteem to blow her life with a scuzzwad also has to pay for this crime in some way.


I’m not pointing any finger in this case.  I don’t know and it’s too late now.  But there are a whole lot of tangled-up girls out there looking for the love their fathers were too lazy/stupid/selfish to give them.


Ok… since this is a part-time gun blog, I suppose someone is expecting me to say, “SHE SHOULD HAVE HAD A GUN!”  Well, I’m not.  It wouldn’t have worked in this case.  Guns are tools.  There is nothing special about them other than they perform a rather specialized task extremely well.  A gun in the hands of a person unwilling to use it is, in the BEST CASE, useless. 

Any type of Self Defense has to start with the idea that YOU ARE WORTH DEFENDING.  If you can’t have that idea as your core personal belief, then you are never going to try to defend yourself in any situation; be it the boardroom or the bedroom. 

Going for coffee.  I’m just ill.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection proposed rule change

Passing this along from a TSRA-PAC email.

Texas State Rifle Association PAC
U.S. Customs and Border Protection proposed rule change

Dear <censored>,

If Knives Are Outlawed…Customs and Border Protection Proposal Could Ban Many Pocketknives
June 2009 – © NRA 2009

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has issued a proposed rule change that directly targets the importation of “assisted opening” folding knives. (Read the proposed rule here.) The proposed regulations would designate all these knives as “switchblades” (despite the fact they do not fall under the federal definition of “switchblades”), and would make them illegal for import into the United States. The proposed rule could affect all knives that can be opened with one hand, because it also includes changes in the interpretation of “gravity and inertia” opening knives in a way that could outlaw all knives that can be opened with a single hand. This means the new regulation could ban the importation of most of the pocketknives that are now in popular use. 
And it could have a far greater impact. The American Knife and Tool Institute and Knife Rights, Inc. have both reviewed the proposed new regulations and are very concerned that the impact will be far greater than just a ban on the importation of assisted opening knives. If the new regulations also affect the broader category of single-handed opening knives, it could make millions of knives illegal for import. More importantly, many local jurisdictions and some states depend on the definitions used by the CBP. These changes could make hundreds of millions of knives now in regular use, illegal. And, of course, millions of hunters use and rely on their knives and would be adversely affected by this proposed regulation.
CBP is attempting to expedite this rulemaking and is only keeping comments open until June 21, 2009. The American Knife and Tool Institute and Knife Rights, Inc. are leading the charge against the. For more information and to make your voice heard in opposition to these new regulations, please go to:  Knife Rights Inc. and .AKTI.

*sigh*  Here we go again.

EDITED TO ADD:  With the deadline being June 21 and them not taking email or web comments (I guess they learned from the OSHA “Explosives” fiasco), the only option is Priority Mail or Next Day Air.

Please Read! You Need This *Jedi Hand Wave*

Go Here and read.  Then if you can, please act.

Read the whole thing from snoot to tail.  Follow all the links. 

Think of the $25 as cheap Karma.

MHI Needs You!

Mr. Correia let us know that the first 7 chapters of Monster Hunter International are up for your perusal for FREE. 

Hit Larry’s site and follow the magick linkies for Monsters, Mayhem, Love, and The Abomination! 

Oh wait… You don’t get to see The Abomination until later in the book?  Guess you’ll just have to buy a copy to find out about it.


Go here to get instructions on how to get this patch.   Don’t know what that patch is?  Shame on you.  Go order this then!  A bargain at twice the price*.

Monster Hunter International is a very good read. 

*Which is little consolation to me since I paid over 3 times that price for the self published version.   


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