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The Grim Sound Of Inevitability

The House just posed the “Slaughter Solution” bill for review which they wouldn’t have done if they don’t have the votes.  So it looks like we are going to have Obamacare and there’s nothing we can do about it. 

Also looks like I’ll be forced to pay for abortion that will start in 4 years, because if anyone believes that is going to be reconciled OUT of the bill, you’re deluded.

So within 4 years, I’ll have to find a new country to move to so I won’t be materially complicit in killing babies. 

I’m disgusted in my country.  The failure of leadership on this issue leaves me cold with blind hatred.  I’m glad that I’m not Jesus, because if they had to meet me at death’s door, I’d be tossing them into hell in job lots.  May He’ll be a tad more merciful.

Meanwhile… I guess I need to improve my skill set and learn a new language. 

Oh, and the “Gun Rights” issue.  It makes no never mind.  I know I will never find another country that will allow me to defend myself.  But it doesn’t make a difference.  I can’t live someplace that allows me to carry a gun but kills children with public funds.  Besides, The Constitution being as squishy as it is and governmental ponzi schemes being what they are, they’ll have to get rid of our guns at some point before the bills for this come due and this country erupts into riots.

I’m really sad and confused right now.  I’m not sure where to turn.  Oh well…  I guess it doesn’t matter anymore.  I’m sure in the next 4 years, something will present itself and I’ll be able to move on.

I can only hope there has been a MASSIVE miscalculation by House leaders and they don’t get the votes they think they have or that by some miracle, God hears the prayers of desperation made by people like me and reaches into the hearts of Congressional Democrats and they turn this bill aside.  I don’t see option #2 happening.  I think we are just simply reaping what we have sewn.  God tends to let that happen.

Budget Smudget! Here’s Some Real Bad News This Week!


I’m going to go pout!

RIP Pat.

Not Feelin’ It: Day 2

Take a bit of fret over DC’s shenanigans,
Mix in a crap-load of work around the house,
Shake well with a depressed Dad,
And you have the recipe for a phoned in blog entry. 

Here’s to hoping Sunday is better.


From Cranky.

Nothing to add except I hope the lousy asshat(s) that left her with such low self esteem to blow her life with a scuzzwad also has to pay for this crime in some way.


I’m not pointing any finger in this case.  I don’t know and it’s too late now.  But there are a whole lot of tangled-up girls out there looking for the love their fathers were too lazy/stupid/selfish to give them.


Ok… since this is a part-time gun blog, I suppose someone is expecting me to say, “SHE SHOULD HAVE HAD A GUN!”  Well, I’m not.  It wouldn’t have worked in this case.  Guns are tools.  There is nothing special about them other than they perform a rather specialized task extremely well.  A gun in the hands of a person unwilling to use it is, in the BEST CASE, useless. 

Any type of Self Defense has to start with the idea that YOU ARE WORTH DEFENDING.  If you can’t have that idea as your core personal belief, then you are never going to try to defend yourself in any situation; be it the boardroom or the bedroom. 

Going for coffee.  I’m just ill.

Saying A long Goodbye.

With every mournful beat,

I feel time retreat.

Death’s bitter pain in me.

Longing to see the empty tomb.

My God,

Please release me from this quest,

And place my mind to rest.

I need to know.

I dare not hope.

Please show me your love.

I am so blind by grief.


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