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Wait… What???

Starting to see this pop up on Facebook and wondering where this meme is from.  Can’t point to any one post because the ones I’ve seen are all private and un-viewable by the friendless.  However the “logic” goes something like this:

“Because Sarah Palin put herself at the center of the AZ controversy, she now can’t be president since she showed such lack of class by making it all about Sarah.”

Sooo… let me get this straight.  The Media attacks her and tries to pin the whole thing on her.  She responds, batting them away like the ineffectual morons they are and SHE’S to blame for being made the center of the tragedy.  Let me see if I can apply that logic in other areas.  I’m a woman at a party and a man tries to rip my top off and expose my breast-a-ses.  The party stops and all eyes are on us.  I slap the bastard, kick him in the nuts, and call the police.   That makes the fact that the party was derailed my fault because I should have just let him expose me to the masses and left it alone so the party could continue.  Riiiiiight.  I guess that’s how some leftists sing themselves to sleep at night. 

I hope this is an aberration and not some new meme that the Lamestream media is floating. 

FTC Disclaimer: I’m not a Palin supporter.  I’ve repeatedly said I don’t think she’s electable.  But hell’s bells folks, pick a new whipping bo… I mean girl.  You’re starting to sound obsessed and… well… a little simple.

The Roaches Come To Feast After AZ Shooting

Ok… Let me get this right, Congressman King, you lowest of the low dirt-bag who is trying to climb on the bodies of the slain to get face time with a fawning media.  You think that a schizoid nut-ball who got it in his head to kill someone would have said to himself as he was book marking pages in The Communist Manifesto, “Oh shucks, I have to cancel my plans to go kill my Congresswoman because I can’t bring a gun within a thousand feet of her.  Darn.  Weekend is down the drain now.” 

GOOD LORD!  You tiny little man who can’t let the bodies assume room temp before joining hands with political cronies and playing all butthurt for the cameras.  You, and all the other ghouls supping on the blood of the fallen, should be ashamed of yourselves for this.  I wonder if I asked the Honorable Mr. King, Republican, NY, if he could, without looking at a note pad, tell me what the names of the “other victims” are?  Probably not.  Because he doesn’t care.  It’s just some numbers to him.  It’s just some ratings to him.  It’s just sauce for the goose.

You evil scum dwelling stellar example of all that is wrong with our political system.  SHAME ON YOU!  SHAME ON BLOOMBERG!  Shame on all you filthy troglodytes who jumped up and cheered at the news of the dead and greedily smacked your lips at the chance to chip away, yet more, at the people and their rights. 

Once more, you thick headed power hungry parasite sucking at the teat of the American Voter, please show me ONE instance where posting signs and making something illegal made it stop happening.  While you are at it, you may want to make murder illegal or shooting someone illegal.  That might have stopped the killings too.  You frivolous glory hounding moron.

T! S! A! T! S! A! Cheer On Security Kabuki

A New Hope and a Modest Proposal.

Concealment Tip

If you are thinking of being TRULY secret squirrel about concealing your carry piece, it’s probably a good idea to NOT do all of the following:

a)     Wear a bright t-shirt with a bold Pro-2a statement

b)     Wear your NRA hat

c)     Wear your TSRA pin on you NRA hat.

You see, people will see those telltales and then some of us, well at least those of us not floating about totally in condition white, will kinda put two and two together and figure that bulge on your strong side under your cover shirt ain’t your cell phone.

Why, oh why, won’t Texas end this farce and just vote in open carry.  Oh that’s right… the other 90% of the people who didn’t notice that guy’s piece would probably fudge their huggies and die of acute hyperbolic dyspepsia at the mere sight of a firearm not strapped to the side of a guy wearing a badge of some sort.*

*BTW, a sewn on security guard badge DOSE NOT confer upon its bearer “teh awesome” and imbue him with the gift of stellar pistoleroship.  …Or even common sense.    

July 4th… Just Couldn’t Feel The Love.

Job taking all the joy out of writing.  I don’t have much time to comment on anything.  A lot has happened in the past several weeks, but then again, a lot of smarter people than I have been out there commenting on these things… so nu?

I have only one comment on the recently past Independence Day.  I sat in Mass on Saturday listening to the opening and closing hymns that thundered about America and spacious skies and God… And you know all I could think was, “Hog wash.” 

Don’t get me wrong, I love this country.  I think The USA was the best shot humanity had for something approaching true justice and freedom.  But I just can’t shake the feeling that possibility died a long time ago.  I just feel like I’m watching an aging actor or actress who’s trading on the image of what they once were, but after too many face lifts, too many affairs, and too many times believing their own press clippings, just can’t bring the thrill to the performance that they once did. 

Or maybe it’s that old outfielder who just can’t quite cover the corners like he used to and can’t quite get to that low outside fast ball because of too many beers.  He can still rock the fences with a tape measure job if you put one in his wheelhouse, but his time as the unbeatable threat is gone.  He could probably get a few more years if he really tried, but he stopped trying when the love of the game was traded for appearances on ESPN and interviews in SI. 

I don’t mean to be a cynic.  I’m just doing the math and don’t see a way out that doesn’t involve a miracle.  I see two parties who are either completely miscalculating or willfully misinterpreting the masses.  I see 40% of the country being an active hindrance to change, not just a dead weight.  I see people who should be working together, bickering even in victory.  I see the elites snickering into their martinis, pinky extended, self satisfied that they have tied up most of the avenues to power and can prevent meaningful reforms.  Reforms that could cost them power. 

Maybe it’s because I talk to too many people in a day and listen to how deluded they are.  I talk to too many idiots on the left who can’t understand why Socialism is a bad thing.  I talk to too many idiots on the right who still think that truth alone will win the day.  I talk to too many Democrats and Republicans who don’t get just how f’ed up our Economy is and how just plain scary the math looks.  Feh!   Maybe I’m just bipolar and I don’t know it.  But I do know when someone starts singing songs about America, begging God to shed his grace on thee, I get a little worried about what God will send when He’s blue in the face sending grace that keeps getting rejected.   

Perhaps things will turn around soon, but I just don’t see it happening.  The need to call “HARD STARBOARD!” was yesterday and the jagged rocks of the social and financial reality are looming in front of us while our leaders play games (literal and figurative) and smile too sweetly telling us not to worry our pretty little heads.  Well… My head, not so pretty as it is, is worried.  Very worried.  Too worried to sing and pretend it’s all going to be OK.

Welcome to the DH spot, America.  Next stop, crappy local car commercials with loud voiceovers and over emphasized graphics.

Happy Earth Day!

Remember!  Only you can prevent Capitalism and Liberty.

Fire At Will

… Or Nick, in this case.

In a post yesterday I espoused the “Moderate Delenda est” course for Conservatives since Moderates have been show for the cowards they are.  I submit that this strategy will not only be affective, but funny as hell

Thanks to the Monster Hunter in Chief

Actions Have Consequences

Trophy Hunting in AZ

Sneaking within 7 points?  Doesn’t that speak volumes. 

Watch all the RINOs run for their Conservative Beards.  If nothing else, it’s entertaining. 

I will say it ONE MORE TIME, A hyphenated-Conservative is NOT a Conservative.  I don’t care if that preamble is “Big Government”, “Fiscal”, “Social”, “Compassionate”, “Religious”, or “Regan”.  Conservative is what it is.  You cannot modify it and keep the integrity of its definition.  PERIOD.

Some Of You Gun People…

…Made Me Have One More Rant!

I’ve been reading some of the gun boards and gun blogs and there seems to be a bit of a disconnect with some of my brethren and sisteren out there.  Many of you feel this is no big deal.  It’s just passing another law and it will all be ok because can’t do anything right.  And it’s no big deal because it’s the Dems and they will get voted out of office and that’s a good thing for gun owner rights.

Let me sum this up one more time for the kids in the back of the class who may have been sleeping.

Your Federal Government just passed an unconstitutional law using unconstitutional means against the will of the American People. 

This law happens to have in mind bankrupting insurance companies and bringing about an inevitable single payer system (Nationalized Healthcare).   This law will give the Federal Government unconstitutional control over your choice of healthcare and eventually over every aspect of your life.

But it wouldn’t matter if the law did give me a $2500 break on premiums and insure everyone from cradle to grave (neither of which it does.  Both complete lies told by Obama). 

It wouldn’t matter if this bill made candy canes rain from the sky and mandate that I get lucky every night by a Victoria’s Secret model. 


When the government abandons all pretense of even trying to lie to us and just rams something down our throats knowing we can’t do a damn thing about it save marching on DC and having public executions of anyone who holds office, that is a very bad thing. 

And how do you even draw a stupid conclusion that this is somehow good for gun owner rights????? When one part of The Constitution is pissed on, the whole thing is pissed on.  Isn’t that what we in the gun community have been saying for decades?  But somehow it’s ok when it’s not guns that are getting shat upon. 

And let me add one more little morsel of disquietude to this whole happy circus.  Since repealing this is well-nigh impossible, the government, knowing that riots and revolts are in the cards 10 to 15 years down the road when this can’t be paid for, will HAVE to, as a matter of self preservation, remove your rights to not only have guns but to protest about it. Your guns are not safe just because there may be (still doubtful given that illegals will be given the vote soon) a Dem blood bath in November.

Unless there is a very large miracle, we just got handed a script for how this country will end its last 20 or so years of existence.  The rule of law is over.  Congress and the President just told us they can do ANYTHING they want and are immune to us.  The stitching has been pulled out of the hem and the garment will unravel faster than a cheap Chicom Wal-mart T-shirt. 



Please skip over to Tam’s here and here and read while I get out my copy of The Constitution of the United States of America and see if I can do a quick search on National ID, Federal Governmental ID requirements, and the like.

You back?  I can’t find anything?  Nope, not one thing.  I have this cool app on my Android phone that… Never mind.  But it’s not there.  Unless you are going to argue the “General Welfare” route.  If that’s the case, then why have a Constitution at all since EVERYTHING can be couched as “for the general welfare.”

What’s that you say?  “In this day and age we need stronger ID’s and such.”  Ok… fine.  AMEND THE CONSTITUTION!  The process is there for a reason.  If you don’t have 2/3rds of the states behind you then piss off. 

Wow… I guess I’m going to spend a lot of time in Federal Prison what with refusing to accept forced Obamacare and now refusing to yield to having to carry around my papers. 

I wonder if it’s too late to try to cross the border into Switzerland before the Brownshirts start breaking windows?  Oh wait… wrong country and wrong century.  Wow.  I get confused.  But you understand.

I doubt crossing to Canada or Mexico will help much.  Crap.  Guess I need to get two very dark “full sleeves” so the numbers won’t show up on my forearm.

Of course… I won’t be going here to get them.


Conservative, educated, understands history, distrusts government, distrusts politicians, dislikes pop-culture, and carries a firearm. In short, I'm what The Framers of The Constitution were counting on and everything your government wants you to fear most.

The only thing I don’t have to complain about is some GI taking up space in my living room. I’ll let you know about the Civil Courts if someone ever owes more than $20 to me. ---If you didn’t get that one; sue your Civics or US History Teacher.

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