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Made it, Ma! Top of the world!

Made it, Ma! Top of the world!

FBI Seal. Photo from Wiki Commons

Um… exactly how am I misrepresenting myself as a Federal Agent?  Maybe I’m going to walk around with this post on my phone and try to pass it off as a Federal Badge.  Honestly, if I could badge myself out of trouble with my Android linking to this pic I’m in the wrong line of work and the people I fool should be spayed and neutered. 

You can’t stop the signal .gov.

If you need examples of other seals, go here, here, here, and here.

H/T to Tam

A Disturbing Trend

It seems that the virus that has affected the guns of at least two other bloggers has now affected mine.  DAMN.  My MK9 and LCR, the two guns I most commonly carry, seem to be afflicted with the same lever of “Ho Hum Inanimateism” that is the main symptom of “Paperweightitis”. 

Paperweightitis is the disturbing condition that non-living things tend to not work of their own accord without the aid of some animating force like disturbed professors or people who are cast in heavily edited “reality shows”.   

WE MUST FIND A CURE!  Think of the Children!  Will someone think of the children!


Get your red hot awesome sauce here!

This should be fun.  I wonder if they will talk about Top Douchebag Shot.  Some feelings may run a bit deep.

Happy Earth Day!

Remember!  Only you can prevent Capitalism and Liberty.

Fire At Will

… Or Nick, in this case.

In a post yesterday I espoused the “Moderate Delenda est” course for Conservatives since Moderates have been show for the cowards they are.  I submit that this strategy will not only be affective, but funny as hell

Thanks to the Monster Hunter in Chief

Zen And The Art Of Hangover Maintenance

A short while back I was introduced to a TV show that I never knew existed.  When I have doubts about the quality and usefulness of keeping the idiot box in my home, I reflect upon this show and it makes all the harmfulness of YAZ/PlanB commercials and just plain foolishness of Oprah/View shows melt into the eternal Test Pattern. 

My friends, Three Sheets is the show that redeems TeeWee from the brink of total desolation.   And now, it’s in book form.  (Angelic chorus sings.  Lights from the heavens.  A smile on the faces of Saints!)  MMMMMM!  Drinking and reading.  My two most favoritest things in the whole of creation*. 

H/T to Instapundit

*Well… maybe #’s 2 and 3 now that I think about it.

Congrats Canucks

Forgot to post this earlier, but If any of you funny talking guys from up north (no.. not the U.P.  More north) run across this site, CONGRATULATIONS!  That was a damn fine Olympics you put on.  Thanks for showing the world you can have a sense of humor and not turn it into some kind of throwback to a “we are the master race” political showpiece. (I’m looking at you China!)

From beer swilling hocky chicks to William Shatner making cracks about sex in canoes, you guys ROCK!  I so want to party with you now.   That just about makes up for foisting Shania Twain and Celine Dion on us.  Not quite, but almost.

I’ll have a Labatt in your honor at the next pub crawl.

Be Very Gentle With Google Chrome.

It’s very touchy.

Breda Angers Teh Kitteh Godz.

I love the last pic

“Oh Yes… You uppance will come.  Oh yes.  Come it will.”

Breda is an evil one, Ain’t she.

V-day Pro Tip #2

PajamaGram… Bad idea.  Think about it.  If they are too small, she’ll think she’s fat.  If they are too big, she’ll think you think she’s fat.  No win situation.  Unless you date a bean poll that can walk into the boy’s department and wear clothes off the rack, just say no. 

And even then.  Too slutty and she’ll think you only bought they for your own amusement.  Not sexy enough, she’ll think you think she’s frumpy.  Just a bad idea all around.   Flowers and jewelry.  Stick to flowers and jewelry.


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